The Most Dynamic Air Purifier in the Market.

Air Purification Mode

Filters air pollutants that cause asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases

Air Sterilization Mode

Uses UVC 254nm to destroy 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and molds in the air.

Mosquito Catching Mode

Revolutionary design that attracts, traps, and kills mosquitoes.

Product Features

The Highest Quality You Can See and Feel.

 A sleek and compact multi-function air purifier that cleans, sterilizes and removes virus and bacteria from your air AND kills mosquitoes at the same time.

UV Air Purifier Specifications

Air Purifier FAQs.

When should we use each mode? What are the differences?

In Air Sterilization Mode it can remove biological irritants such as bacteria and virus; and has auto shut-off.

In Air Purification Mode it can filter smoke, pollen, dander and other pollutants. It can also remove biological irritants such as bacteria and virus.

In Mosquito Catching Mode it can trap mosquitoes, filter smoke, pollen, dander and other pollutants, and it can remove biological irritants as well such as bacteria and virus.

Is it safe to be near the device since it has UV-C?

UV-C can only be harmful if human skin and eyes are directly exposed to the light. Since the UV-C light is inside the device, there is no direct exposure that could happen. This means, users can be near the device while Air Sterilization mode is turned on.

Does the device emit ozone?

The UV lamps of the URVO UV Air Purifier has special coatings to inactivate any by-product ozone residues. No ozone by-product is released by the device, making it safe to turn on even if people are around.

What is the difference between Air Sterilization Mode and Air Purification Mode? Can we use these 2 modes at the same time?

Air Purification Mode cleans air through Photocatalyst or PCO Air Purifier with Activated Carbon Filter, an air purification technology developed to reduce circulating indoor allergens. PCO removes particles as small as 0.1nm with the destruction of organic matter not trapped by a traditional filter. The technology works by emitting ultraviolet-A light on a filter membrane coated with nano-particles. This creates a photocatalytic reaction on the surface of the filter that will breakdown the molecular structure of organic particles in the air. In conjunction with the Activated Carbon Filter, this will particularly benefit well for people who suffer allergies, or aggravation from impure air, including second hand smoke. This provides unparalleled benefits to your respiratory health. Air purification mode can be used continuously throughout the day.

Why does it sometimes take time for the UV-C light to show up during Air Sterilization Mode?

The Sterilization Mode sometimes takes a few minutes to measure the quality of the air in the room. After the device has finished measuring air quality through its sensor, only then will the UV-C light up from the device.

Can you turn on Mosquito Catching Mode and Air Purification Mode at the same time?

When Mosquito Catching Mode is turned on, Air Purification Mode is automatically turned on as well. Because the Mosquito Catching Mode has exposed bright blue lights, some users might find this a hindrance for a good sleep. Turning on Air Purification mode is an option during bedtime if users find the blue light too distracting at night.

Since UV light is exposed during Mosquito Mode, is it dangerous to be near the device?

UV Air Purifier uses UV-A light to mimic human temperature to lure mosquitoes. UV-A exposure in the device is very minimal, therefore making it safe for people or pets to be nearby the air purifier. However, users should always avoid gazing at the light source directly.

Do we have to replace filter?

Because we use PCO or Photocatalytic Technology, UV light breaks down and destroys particles that were trapped in the filter. This removes the need to replace any filter making it more cost saving compared to other purifiers in the market.