Powerful and Beautifully Designed

“It looks really nice and sleek so it will actually work with the decor of your home. I highly recommend it!”

- Patty Laurel (Mom Influencer)

“Finally, a room sterilight that looks great and good enough to blend in with the interior of your home. “

- Vanna Garcia (Celebrity)

Product Features

Safe and easy to operate

It has a 15 second delay to make sure you have enough time to leave the room you are about to sterilize. The room sterilight has a soft touch button for 3 time mode options: 30/60/120 minutes; and it will shut off automatically.

Modern design that is efficient and powerful

The Room Sterilight is designed to go with the interior of your homes. This sleek device has a 32-watts germicidal bulb that can effectively sterilize and destroy 99% bacteria, virus, molds and dustmites in rooms as big as 50sqm

room sterilight faqs

Which is better? Chemical cleaners or UV lights?

Each has its own unique and powerful way of cleaning and disinfecting any area or surfaces. But even using chemical cleaners require following safety precautions. Inhaling and being exposed to these strong chemicals can also cause harmful side effects. In general, both URVO UV lights and chemical disinfectants are highly effective in destroying bacteria and virus. Best is to use

both when sanitizing your personal areas.

What is ozone? Is it dangerous?

Ozone is a natural and powerful sterilant that destroys bacteria, viruses and odors. Because of the process called oxidation, when contaminants make contact with ozone, they are destroyed completely. Ozone then reverts back to becoming oxygen after this process. Hence, you now have cleaner air.

Is UV dangerous?

When exposed to UVC or UV, it can cause damage to your eyes and skin. So please follow the precautions when using our UV sterilights. Always remember, no people and pets are allowed when using our UV devices to sanitize the area. All our devices have 15 seconds delay when turned on. This gives you enough time to leave the area or room when sanitizing with UV.

Can I enter the room after sanitizing right away?

Please allow 20-30 minutes air out time after each 15 minute cycle. This ensures that any ozone residuals have dissipated from the area.